Linnéa Sjöberg

The book ”SALONG FLYTTKARTONG” is a 346 page long documentation of the mobile amateur tattoo studio Salong Flyttkartong’s two years of existence. During this time the studio has toured haphazardly and through a series of open performances developed into an intricate participatory art work. The open process has created it’s own aesthetics, a unique space in the field inbetween the inherent permanence of the tattoo medium and the spontaneity of the performance act. Book release at Gallery Steinsland Berliner, Stockholm.

The limited edition “Act Before Thinking is based on the portraits of seven guys, that has in a way or another been part to the studios character, spirit and destruction. The binding of the book is made with plastic film, a material that is used for hygiene in tattooing and in this case wrapping “framing” the photography, one guy – one book. The book is presented in a special made booster bag.

Buy the book here:
Nilledition (Sweden)
Adlibris (Scandinavia)
Antenne Books (International shipping)

And in selected book stores in Stockholm.