Linnéa Sjöberg

every moment a junction

13 May – 31 July 2022, Nest, Den Haag

Linnéa Sjöberg’s energetic and colourful woven tapestries function as textile archives: assem blages of yarn, fur, wool, videotapes, and existing pieces of clothing woven together. The act of weaving goes back to her childhood and runs through her family line, tracing back to her grandmother’s rag rugs that were woven together from the family’s old clothes. In her tapestry practice. For Sjöberg, the act of weaving functions as a way of archiving memories and material from the past, present and potential futures. Her most recent tapestries (such as Moon Ritual with Melanie and Roberta) reflect the artist’s current artistic research into her immersion in BDSM. Being part of the Berlin collective Skinship – a touch-based place for kinship, formed by artists, body workers, performers, and witches – she develops the act of wrapping into a ritualistic tool and a magical transformative act. In this practice called ‘Package Play’, in collaboration with melanie bonajo, bondage techniques become a form of ritualistic body binding. The experiences and outcomes are woven into the textile landscapes with materials closely connected to the body.

Linnéa Sjöberg Konstnär, textil artist, weaving